Complexity at the molecular level
date : 2004/12/02
venue: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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The fourth NETIAM workshop on "Complexity in modelling proteins and interfaces at the Molecular Level", was held at TU/e, Eindhoven in the Netherlands on 2-3rd December 2004.

This topic underpins much modern research in the biological and material sciences. These subjects are well known to pose mathematical modelling challenges on several length scales, of which the micron scale is generally crucial. However, micron-scale phenomena can be fully addressed only by using information from the molecular level. Examples are the rearrangement of the complex system of protein molecules during the phase change that is crucial to spinning spider silk, and the targetting of different body tissues by drugs, where molecular constituents can distort into complex geometrical shapes. The workshop will consider how to address such questions in the light of ab initio quantum mechanical calculations and new ideas for network-based atomistic and gene modelling.

Dates: 2-3 December 2004
Venue: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Workshop coordinators: Prof. Bob Mattheij and Prof. Bert de With

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