Industrial CASE PhD Awards 2017

The Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering has been allocated four EPSRC Industrial CASE (ICASE) Studentships, to support postgraduate researchers working on new industrial-academic collaborations in mathematics. We are therefore now inviting applications for the Studentships and wish to receive details of project proposals that combine a significant mathematical research challenge with the prospect of commercial impact.

The key dates for this competition are as follows:


To be eligible as an ICASE partner, companies must have an established UK-based research and/or commercial production capability. These studentships must be placed with a Research Organisation that receives Doctoral Training Partnership funding from EPSRC. Please note that if you do choose to align your ICASE student with a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), that student cannot be part of the CDT's initial core of 10 students.


EPSRC contributes ∼£83,300 (estimated) to each successful project. The minimum level of financial contribution by the collaborating company in an ICASE project is currently one-third of this amount, so £27,800 over four years, but it is often increased to cover, for example, computing equipment and conference travel. A large portion of the company's contribution is used to enhance the stipend received by the research student. This financial contribution by the company is in addition to the costs involved in joint supervision and reimbursing the student's travel and subsistence expenses in attending the company premises for at least 3 months during the project.

For all ICASE awards placed through the Smith Institute, an additional £2,000 per annum from the collaborating company is required to support the participation of Smith Institute staff in project meetings, in order to facilitate further beneficial connections, including an annual showcase event for current ICASE projects.

Application, review and award process

If you wish to apply for an ICASE Studentship from the Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics, please contact (with a copy to who will then send you an application form and address any queries you may have. An outline of the application, review and award process is given below.

Companies and university departments wishing to propose an ICASE project through the Smith Institute must prepare, using the form designed for the purpose, a proposal containing a brief outline of the project and a description of the associated industrial outcomes, which is to be returned electronically to by the submission deadline.

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

It is possible that we will seek further clarification of what is being proposed and its likely impact. Decisions will be taken in light of all the evidence available.

For successful projects

Once approval of a project has been confirmed, the studentship may be advertised through the normal channels. An online EPSRC ICASE sign-up form must be completed by the partners for return to EPSRC by 30th November 2016, using a voucher reference number supplied by the Smith Institute. The form will be processed by EPSRC, who will then pay the value of the award directly to the host Research Organisation as a Training Grant. EPSRC must also receive a brief headed and signed letter of support from the collaborating company which includes written confirmation that it intends to support the studentship at the proposed university. The Smith Institute will guide applicants through this process.

By the end of January 2017, EPSRC will email letters of intent to academic and company supervisors, and by the end of February 2017 EPSRC will announce Industrial CASE Account training grants to partnering universities.